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Valentine 'Snowball' Pom Pom Critters

Contest Photo by: ladybugcuttie
Martin, GA
Category: Sweet Treats


These tasty little critters look like the little pom pom guys with the sticky feet and googly eyes we all loved as a kid. Of course, the messages and colors varied with the season or holiday, with this particular varitey being pink, for Valentine's Day, and edible, of course.


8 - Snowball snack cakes (the marshmallow/coconut covered cakes with the cream in the middle.

8 - 2" heart shaped sugar cookies -store bought or homemade (1 per snowball)

red shoestring licorice

1 - can or tube each of vanilla and chocolate frosting

1 - tube decorator icing

8 - 6" x 1" strips of paper with Valentine messages written or printed on them

How to Make

  • Use the decorator icing to attach 1 heart shaped cookie to the snowball with the top (bumps) of the heart sticking out from underneath the cake for the feet.

  • Sandwich the end of one of the message strips between the cookie and the cake, before the icing dries, making sure that the message is still visible.

  • Use a knife or clean kitchen sheers to cut the shoestring licorice into 16 - 2" pieces (you can save the rest for another project or general snacking)

    Then, stick 2 pieces of the cut licorice into the tops of each of the snowballs for the antennas.

  • Use the vanilla frosting to make 2 spots as large or as small as you like, for the base of the eyes and a smaller dot on top of that with the chocolate frosting to add the pupils to the eyes.Repeat with each critter.

  • Admire. Then enjoy : )

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