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Valentine, I love you to pizzas!

Contest Photo by: schmulie65
Crete, IL
Category: Sweet Treats


This fun treat is actually a large heart-shaped sugar cookie decorated with royal icing, white chocolate shavings, and soft candy chews made to resemble pizza toppings


Large pre-baked heart-shaped sugar cookie (one pictured was cut with a 4-1/2 x 5 inch cookie cutter). Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe or use store bought sugar cookie dough.

Royal icing colored red- use your own recipe or buy pre-made icing.

Food color paste in red, black, brown, and green; optional, however, when added makes pizza topping colors more vivid.

Approximately 10 soft candy chews, such as Vanilla Tootsie Rolls and Starbursts, in various colors

White chocolate bark

How to Make

  • Soften candy in the microwave for just a few seconds (parents job). If desired, add very small amount of food color paste, in desired color, using toothpick onto softened candy. Knead into candy until well incorporated. (You may wish to use food service gloves for this part, as food coloring can stain hands.)

  • Roll out candy with rolling pin in between two pieces of parchment paper and cut using kitchen shears into pepperoni and vegetable shapes. (A very small bottle cap was used to cut the round olive shape and a stiff plastic straw was used to cut out the center.)

  • Spread royal icing onto cookie with a knife, to resemble pizza sauce. Add desired toppings. Let dry.

  • Valentine, I love you to pizzas! was printed on white paper, cut to fit, and glued onto the sides of an individual-sized pizza box (7 x 7 inch) from a local pizza place. Line pizza box with red tissue paper, if desired. Once cookie is dry, place in box.

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