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Love Bugs
Sweet Treats Photo by: GourmetMom
Hummelstown, PA
Valentines Day is coming and we've been "bitten" by the Love Bug! Well, actually, WE were the ones doing the biting.:) I had a hard time getting a good picture, the kids were eating them too fast!... more
Heart Rolls
Sweet Treats Photo by: GourmetMom
Hummelstown, PA
Nothing says lovin' like warm cinnamon rolls from the oven! How about some luscious easy-as-pie heart-shaped cinnamon rolls for your sweetie this Valentines Day? Yum! You can use any cinnamon roll... more
Slithery Valentines Day Snake Cake
Sweet Treats Photo by: laurenhughtanner
Las Vegas, NV
Sssssslither into your sweeties heart this Valentines Day with this adorable fun loving pink snake cake.
Heart of the Angel Cake
Sweet Treats Photo by: donnab864
Polo, IL
Striped angel food cake with a chocolate heart glaze
Valentine Cup Cake
Sweet Treats Photo by: familyfunkat
Katy, TX,
White Chocolate Cup Cake with decoration for Valentine. Easy to make. Anyone can do it for loved ones.
Pomegranate Dessert Soup
Sweet Treats Photo by: GourmetMom
Hummelstown, PA
This is a fun and healthy dessert "soup" and my family is crazy about it. The first time I made it last week, everyone wanted thirds, fourths, until it was gone--we've had it three times since... more
Queen of Hearts Tarts
Sweet Treats Photo by: GourmetMom
Hummelstown, PA
Do you have 5 minutes? You can whip up these tasty treats for Valentines Day or that ever-tricky "Q" snack for preschool. These are easy for the kids to make and so cute! Let the kiddos do all the... more
Edible Love
Sweet Treats Photo by: MomofTwoDavisBoys
Mesquite, TX
This simple and fun bouquet is perfect for the special person in your life.
love castle
Sweet Treats Photo by: wandafayb
Castle for the ones you love!
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