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Swirly Hearts Cake

Contest Photo by: jennifer_surowiec
Clarendon Hills, IL
Category: Sweet Treats


The Swirly Hearts Cake was made for a wonderful little girl for her Valentines Day Birthday. She wanted a "heart shaped cake with 3-tiers, pink swirly frosting, sprinkles & swirly chocolate hearts"...how's that for specfic! So the Swirly Hearts Cake is made from 3 heart shaped tiers in yellow cake, frosted with pink colored vanilla buttercream, and decorated with red spinkles and hand-made swirly hearts made from melted white chocolate. It made her feel like a princess on her birthday to have this huge cake, and will make whoever receives it feel special on their Valetine's Day too!


- 3 Betty Crocker yellow cake mixes, and the ingredients called for on the box (you could use chocolate cake as well).
- 3 tubs of Pillsbury Vanilla buttercream (you could use your preferred brand or recipe instead), tinted pink.
- 1 container of red shiny sprinkles
- 1 bag of Wilton pink candy melts

How to Make

  • Preparation:
    -Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and spray cake pans with cooking spray. -For pans, use either heart shaped pans (10-inch, 8-inch, & 6-inch for the 3 tiers), or just your round 3-inch deep pans (10-inch, 8-inch & 6-inch rounds) and plan to cut the cake to a heart shape (directions below).

  • Making the cakes:
    -Mix cake ingrediants according to directions on the mix box, and pour into pans as directed (~1/2 to 2/3 full).
    -Bake your cakes ~3-5 minutes longer than recommened to make your cake a bit more firm.
    -Once baked & cooled on a cooling rack in the refridgerator, level your cakes, and if you used a round pan, cut into the heart shapes (*see below for how to make a paper-towel heart template).
    -Now spread a layer of frosting on each of your layers as a crumb-coat (not too thin though) and put in the refridgerator to set for a few minutes.
    *For the paper-towel heart template: To cut your round cakes into perfect heart shapes, simply make heart-shaped paper-towel templates! First, cut a paper-towel to the same diameter as your round cake using the baked & cooled cake as your guide (not the pan as cakes shrink up upon baking & cooling). Next, fold your round template in half and draw half a heart with a Sharpie marker. Finally, cut out your heart leaving the fold intact, and viola...a perfect heart like you made in grade school. Once you have your heart template, simply place it on the cake, and using a sharp serrated knife, cut around your template.

  • Frosting the cake:
    -Once your frosting is set, stack your layers from largest to smallest putting each tier in the center. You will not need any cake supports in this cake as 1- your tiers do not have layers (there will be enough frosting on the outside of the cake to fullfill even the most needy sweet tooth!) and 2- your frosting is a light buttercream v. a heavier fondant or ganache.
    -Once your cake is stacked, get frosting! Starting from the top, frost each tier, doing your best to make the frosting 'swirly' while maintaining a distinction between the layers. To make the frosting swirly, either just spread the forsting on roughly with a cake spatula or knife, or once frosted, use a spoon to press in and out of the frosting. You do not need a border design where the cake tiers meet or where the cake meets to plate as this is to be a 'swirly' cake!

  • Decorating the cake:
    - Start by sprinkling red cake sprinkles over the top of each tier and on the cake plate.
    - Next make your hand-made Swirly Chocolate Hearts as follows: Wrap a tray or cookie sheet in saran wrap for your drawing surface. Melt 1 bag of Wilton pink candy melts according to bag directions and when melted, get ready to free-hand draw your heart shapes! Spoon the melted chocolate into a ziploc bag (be careful as it can be hot) and snip a small corner off. Now, pipe the chocolate onto the tray or cookie sheet in your prefered heart design. If you are not confidant in your free-hand drawing skills, simply print out a few heart shapes you like from your computer and place the paper under the saran warp on the tray or sheet. Now you have a drawing guide you can trace. Once the shapes are drawn, you can embellish some by pouring red sprinkles on them, which will stick to the chocolate as it hardens. Now cool your hearts per the directions on the Wilton bag. When fully hardened, place on the cake as desired!

    Now you have a "heart shaped cake with 3-tiers, pink swirly frosting, sprinkles & swirly chocolate hearts" that any princess will love!

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