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Slithery Valentines Day Snake Cake

Contest Photo by: laurenhughtanner
Las Vegas, NV
Category: Sweet Treats


Sssssslither into your sweeties heart this Valentines Day with this adorable fun loving pink snake cake.


2 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix.
2 cans fluffy white icing.
Pink, red, white M & M's.
Fruit Roll Up.
Red Icing.
Red food coloring.

How to Make

  • Prepare two boxes of cake mix (any flavor) as directed on box. Bake in two bundt pans. Allow to cool on cooling rack as directed. Cut bundt cakes in half and assemble into snake shape on flat surface for decorating.

  • Prepare fluffy white icing with red food coloring to make pink color. Ice cake accordingly. Apply peanut butter hearts on snake. Apply fruit roll up to mouth as tounge and M & M's as eyes. Apply decorative flowers to base along with M & M's.

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