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Roses for My Love

Contest Photo by: wdsanders21
Conway, AR
Category: Sweet Treats


What sweetie at Valentine's Day wouldn't like hearts, roses, AND chocolate? This chocolate cake is covered with buttercream icing then drizzled with chocolate ganache. Decorations include little red hearts hiding under chocolate and a dome of buttercream roses in shades of white and red to top it all off.


3 chocolate cake mixs
(plus ingredients to prepare including water, oil and eggs)

buttercream icing
(favorite homemade or store bought white frosting)

ganache chocolate
(favorite homemade version or you can use store bought chocolate frosting that has been heated)

red coloring for icing
vegetable shortening to grease pans

other tools used:
two 8 inch round pans
two 6 inch round pans
sports ball dome pan
decorator bags (or could use plastic baggies)
2 spatulas (or butter knives)
flower nails
decorator tips #10, #104, #21, #3
(other round, petal, and star tips may be substituted to vary rose and border size)
cake leveler (or knife to flatten tops of risen cakes)

How to Make

  • Prepare first cake mix according to package directions. Divide batter between an 8 inch round pan and 6 inch round pan that have been greased with vegetable shortening to prevent sticking. Bake according to package directions and let cool. Move from round pans to cooling rack to cool completely.

  • Either repeat step one with second set of round 8 inch and 6 inch pans or wash the first set and make sure they are completely dry then repeat with second cake mix.

  • Prepare the third cake mix and pour half of the batter into one side of the sports ball pan (dome shaped with ring underneath to stabalize in oven). You can use the other half of the batter for the other side of the ball or make 12 cupcakes. Bake according to package directions and cool as in step 1.

  • When cakes are completely cooled it is time to start stacking. Place one 8 inch cake on a plate or covered cake board. Flaten the top of each layer before placing on stack by either using a cake level or a knife to take off any extra bumps on top. Add a layer of buttercream icing and top with the second leveled 8 inch layer. Completely ice this double 8 inch cake in white buttercream icing with either a spatula or butter knife.

  • Pour either your chocolate ganache recipe or store bought chocolate frosting (that has been heated in the microwave until runny) over the top of the iced 8 inch round cake. Smooth chocolate out with the other spatula or knife, allowing it to drizzle down the top edge a bit. Let the chocolate set and repeat with the double 6 inch round cake. Then stack the 6 inch on top of the 8 inch and add #21 tip borders around the bottom of both cakes.

  • Now it is time to add your dome cake to the top of your 6 inch iced cake. Cover dome with white icing as well. Make about 30 buttercream roses using tips #10, #104 and the flower nails. Start with white and slowly start adding red into your icing so that each rose has a different coloring until you get solid red roses in the end. Mixing the order of the roses up, place buttercream roses on the iced dome cake starting at the bottom edge and work your way around and up. This will create a spiral effect where the roses under each layer will support the ones above. A great way to get the look of a whole bunch of roses while not wasting the work that wouldn't be seen.

  • Use leftover red icing with #3 tip to pipe small hearts on the rest of the cake. What a masterpiece, and isn't your sweetie worth it? Hearts, roses, and chocolate - Oh My! Happy Valentine's Day!

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