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Cake for a princess tea party

Contest Photo by: beckyleigh71651
Port Orange, FL
Category: Sweet Treats


My great niece and my cousin's grand daughter love to play tea party! Play pretend is so much fun! I made them both beautiful Party Cakes, cut into 4 big beautiful slices, all out of Felt and Foam and decorated with beautiful lace trims and felt flowers. I used a sandwich plate for a template and cut out my circle of foam and them cut the circle into halves and then into fourths. I cut felt pieces to fit the top, bottom and side pieces and had stitched them tightly together along all the edges. I sewed a length of heavy curtain trim around the cake sides and back and then made flowers and cake icing looking decorations for the top. I even rolled a small piece of felt to look like a candle. This will provide hours of fun and no extra calories or messy clean-up!


4" thick foam circle cut into fourths

felt for icing and decorations (I used pink and chocolate felt but white or actually any colors of felt could be used)

a couple of yards of heavy curtain trim or lace to make it pretty enough to eat...well almost!

How to Make

  • Be creative. Use your imagination to make your cake as sweet as sweet can be. Decorate it for your favorite sweetheart in her favorite colors.

  • I had so much fun making the cake that I got carried away and made cupcakes, ice cream cones, fortune cookies, and cake rolls. That lead to me making a full felt breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, pancakes and strawberries. And a full size felt pizza - cut into 6 slices - complete with pepperoni, onions, peppers, mushrooms and olives.

  • Who knows what I will think of to make next...I am having as much fun making these adorable play treats as they are going to have playing with them!

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