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You Bowl Me Over Valentine!

Contest Photo by: lfjmgjgrj
Leawood, KS
Category: Cupcakes


Bowling Pins (cupcakes and doughnuts) set on a Bowling Alley (rectangular cake) with a blue swirl bowling ball (2 cupcakes stuck together).


*1 Large rectangular cake (2 boxed cake mixes total - any flavor)
*Buttercream Icing tinted tan to cover the rectangular cake (3 boxes of mix total)
*White Boxed Fondant dyed brown with darker brown streaks (to give the appearance of wood) Save a little to dye darker brown for triangle cut outs at the end of the alley.
*8-10 (I used 6) WHITE cake mix large cupcakes and 6-10 mini cupcakes baked in WHITE liners.
*6-10 plain donut holes.
*2 containers of store bought white icing (not whipped)
*White fondant dyed streaky blue for the bowling ball (marbled)
*3 small round black fondant dot for finger holes in the bowling ball
*red fondant for bowling pins

How to Make

  • Make all cakes/ cupcakes and cool completely. Do not overfill the cupcakes. You want a flat cupcake surface to work with.

  • Create bowling pins by removing paper from mini cupcake and sticking it upside down to the large cupcake with icing. Use icing to stick a donut hole on top of the mini cupcake. Spread icing up the sides of all three (use as glue to keep it all together). Place in freezer till icing is firm to the touch.

  • Ice rectangular cake with buttercream and cover with fondant. Place triangular cut out at the end of the "bowling alley".

  • To make the bowling ball take 2 cupcakes cut off the bottoms and stick them together using icing. Ice around the outside to make them as round as possible. Cover with blue marbled fondant and place 3 black fondant finger holes on the "bowling ball"

  • To make the bowling pins melt 1 container of icing in a liquid 2 cup measure. Put in microwave for 10 seconds at a time until is becomes smooth and a little runny. (DO NOT heat to much or it will separtate). Frozen cupcakes into the icing and allow to cool. When they are cooled decorate with 2 strips of red fondant and 1 triangle so they look like "bowling Pins"

  • Use lollipop sticks(cutting if necessary) to attach bowling pins and bowling balls to the bowling alley. Make a cute sign out of cardstock saying "You bowl me over Valentine".

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