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Valentine, I'm Hogwild for You!

Contest Photo by: molkentins1
Hayward, CA,
Category: Cupcakes


Our family is simply hog-wild about our favorite cupcake, a little pink piggy I created two years ago when my preschooler asked for pink cupcakes for her February birthday. That year, my daughter's birthday happened to coincide with the start of the Lunar New Year of the pig.

After baking the cupcakes and frosting them with pink icing, I prepared to decorate the cakes with pink marshmallow hearts. I was surprised to discover how much the hearts looked like two curled ears. A couple of marshmallows later, an adorable pig was born.

Since then, our family has an annual tradition of making piggy cupcakes every Valentine's Day when the stores begin to sell heart shaped marshmallows.


For a single piggy cupcake:

Cupcake frosted with pink icing
1 (1-inch) heart shaped pink marshmallow (Many discount stores and grocery stores stock these for Valentine's Day)
1 large strawberry flavored marshmallow(pink colored)
1 mini white marshmallow
2 chocolate chips
red food coloring

How to Make

  • With scissors, slice marshmallow heart in half to yield 2 identical heart shapes. Position hearts at top of cupcake, pointed ends out, to create ears.

  • With scissors, cut large pink colored marshmallow in half to yield two cylinder shapes. Position one cylinder as the piggy's snout, on the side of the cupcake opposite the ears. Save the other half of the marshmallow to make another piggy. (Hint: if you can't find strawberry/pink marshmallows, frost the top of the snout pink after positioning it on the cupcake.)

  • Cut the mini marshmallow in half with scissors to create two identical circles. Stick a chocolate chip in the middle of each mini marshmallow, pointed end down, to make eyes. Position the eyes above the snout.

    Lightly dip a toothpick in food-coloring then poke it gently in the large strawberry flavored marshmallow to create nostrils in the snout.

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