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I adore you!
Cupcakes Photo by: alliecat2173
Cherry Hill, NJ
Eye a-door ewe! What better way to tell someone how you feel than with cupcakes!
Three Sweet Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: AshleyAv
East Hampton, NY
In an Art Therapy session we made three heart shaped mini cupcakes. We frosted them in various shades of pink and red colors. We then decorated them with assorted toppings.
Sleepover fun
Cupcakes Photo by: bxmom22
Bronx, NY
These cupcakes are great for a child's slumber party. This will also work on a standard cake. The kids love to make these modeled after themselves and their friends. I got the idea from a book... more
Birthday Cake
Cupcakes Photo by: cggosselin
East Granby, CT,
Chocolate cupcakes w/ pink swirled frosting on a cupcake stand with one pink heart shaped candle for my 7 year olds birthday.
Love Bugs
Cupcakes Photo by: cliff_77
Mini love bug cupcakes.
Roses mean LOVE!
Cupcakes Photo by: cr8z4u
Our first attempt at making icing roses. It takes a little practice to make it just right, but you can always eat your mistakes (yum!)
No bones about it!
Cupcakes Photo by: cr8z4u
Honolulu, HI
This little pup has the Valentine spirit.

He is quickly made by kneading, rolling, and cutting chewy candy with heart shaped cookie cutters. His head and body are both hearts, his ears and... more
Love is Like a Box of Cupcakes!
Cupcakes Photo by: CupCakeFlick
Love is like a Box of Cupcakes...you never know quite what you're going to get but when all is said and done it's usually pretty darn sweet! :)

I love cupcakes and candy (who doesn't,... more
Romantic Picnic
Cupcakes Photo by: Elizabeth380380
Fort Meade, MD
Everyone know picnics are romantic. These little ants have decided to carry off the candy hearts for their Valentine's!
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