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Contest Photo by: cr8z4u
Honolulu, HI
Category: Cupcakes


This little pup has the Valentine spirit.

He is quickly made by kneading, rolling, and cutting chewy candy with heart shaped cookie cutters. His head and body are both hearts, his ears and paws are made by cutting a heart in half, and his tail is rolled and formed into a heart.


Things you may have on hand:
Store bought muffins or cupcakes (I used a chocolate muffin)
1 tub ready made vanilla frosting
Green food coloring
Taffy or chewy candy (I used 7 Tootsie Roll midgees per pup)
Edible pink heart decorator sprinkles
Black royal icing in a tube
2 heart cookie cutters

How to Make

  • Color vanilla frosting with green food coloring to desired color. Frost muffin or cupcake and set aside.

  • Knead chewy candy together (it becomes more pliable with the warmth from your hands). Roll or smooth out to a flat disk about 3/8" thick, Smooth out with plastic gloved hands to prevent finger prints from showing on candy surface. Use a 2-1/2" heart cookie cutter to cut two hearts (one for body and one for the head). Cut two 1-1/2" hearts then cut them in half (2 halves for the ears and 2 halves for the front paws). Form tail using a long rolled strip of candy and thin strips for the fur on top of his head. Refrigerate cut pieces of candy for easier handling.

  • Assemble pup as shown in the picture. Use candy sprinkle hearts for the nose and to decorate around the cupcake. Place black royal icing dots on for the eyes.

  • Print cute sayings using the computer and cut out heart shapes. Affix toothpicks on back of signs and poke into the finished cupcake.

    And wah-la . . . you're done!

  • Tips for Taking a Great Photo:
    • Avoid clutter. Keep the background simple -- your cupcake or sweet treat is the star!
    • Daytime, natural light is best. If your area is bright enough, try taking the photo without the flash.
    • Upload a horizontal photo. If you crop the image on your computer, make sure you keep a landscape 4:3 aspect ratio.
    • For best results, make your image 1200x900 (or "save for web").
    • With a digital camera, you can take as many photos as possible and choose the best one. Have fun!