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Love Bugs

Contest Photo by: tfkunst
Davidsonville, MD
Category: Cupcakes


An adorable love bug cupcake for your favorite Valentine!


Chocolate cupcake mix
1 can of Chocolate frosting
Red chocolate melts
White chocolate melts
regular sized chocolate chips
mini chocolate chips
mini oreo cookies
Valentine (red/pink/white) sprinkles

How to Make

  • Bake the chocolate cupcakes

  • While baking the cupcakes make the wings...melt the red chocolate melts as directed on the bag. Using a spoon and parchment paper, shape about a tablespoon of red chocolate into half of a heart or half a circle - whatever type of wings you choose to make.

  • While the red wings are still wet - place chocolate chips as dots pointed side down into the wing and sprinkle the Valentine sprinkle mix to add more detail.

  • Melt the white chocolate melts as directed on the package, then fill a sandwich bag halfway snipping the corner of the bag with scissors to make a small hole. Pipe the white chocolate to outline the shape of the wings, or add dots - add any creative detail you like.

  • Lay one mini oreo out for the same number of cupcakes you have. Using the white chocolate pipe two dots on the edge for the whites of the eyes, then place a mini chocolate chip pointy side down into each of the white dots, completing the eyes on the head.

  • Frost the cooled cupcakes with chocolate frosting - then gently place finished head and wings into place, (if needed add frosting to the back of the wing to make it stick easier). Share your love bugs!!

  • Tips for Taking a Great Photo:
    • Avoid clutter. Keep the background simple -- your cupcake or sweet treat is the star!
    • Daytime, natural light is best. If your area is bright enough, try taking the photo without the flash.
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    • For best results, make your image 1200x900 (or "save for web").
    • With a digital camera, you can take as many photos as possible and choose the best one. Have fun!