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Latte Love Cupcakes

Contest Photo by: peaceacake024
Omaha, NE
Category: Cupcakes


Cupcakes that look like a Latte in a coffee cup. That taste like a latte too!


- 2 chocolate cupcakes
- several pastry bags or sandwich baggies
- wax paper or parchment paper
- chocolate icing (any store bought or your own butter cream recipe)
- coffee granules
- 1 T coffee flavoring
- Almond bark or melting chocolate
- whipped cream (in the can will be easiest)
- cookie sheet pan
- straw

How to Make

  • Add coffee flavoring to chocolate icing. Use 1 tablespoon or to taste if desired. Using two chocolate cupcakes, remove paper liners from cupcakes. Refrigerate until completely cool. Stack one cupcake on top of the other with the bottom surfaces adhering to each other with a little icing. Push a straw down through the center of the cupcakes leaving excess straw attached at this point. Fill pastry bag or sandwich baggie less than half full with chocolate coffee icing. Use any large round tip for pastry bag. If using a sandwich baggie cut a dime size hole in the corner of the bag. Cover the surface area of the stacked cupcakes with the chocolate coffee icing. Holding onto excess straw if needed until the sides are covered. Using a small spatula smooth the icing around the cupcakes. When smooth to your liking cut excess straw from the top. Cover the top of the cupcake and gently smooth.

  • Set aside to work on the chocolate handle and steam pieces. First cover sheet pan with wax or parchment paper. (it is best to tape paper to the pan). Using any type of melting chocolate or almond bark. Heat chocolate stirring continuously until just melted. Do not heat to boiling temperature or it will be too hot to handle. Fill pastry bag less than half full with melted chocolate. Using very small round tip or small hole in bag. Make several small steam like shapes, Ss, swirls, or hearts. Make extra pieces as they will be necessary because some will break. A larger opening on the bag or using larger cutting round tip. Make several handle pieces such as Ss or Cs. Note: the handle pieces should be thicker and about the height of your cup or slightly smaller. Again make several as some may break. Then place sheet pan in refrigerator until chocolate is hard. (approx. 5-10 min.)

  • When chocolate pieces are cold, very carefully release chocolate pieces from the wax paper. Carefully attach handle to the side pushing in slightly. If necessary you can use some of the melted chocolate to act like a glue. Add whipped cream to the top in a cone-like shape in the center of the cupcake. Stick the steam pieces in the top of the whipped topping. Garnish with a pinch of coffee granules to give the latte look and smell.
    Now enjoy your cupcake a latte!!

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