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Love Bugs
Cupcakes Photo by: tfkunst
Davidsonville, MD
An adorable love bug cupcake for your favorite Valentine!
Sleepover fun
Cupcakes Photo by: bxmom22
Bronx, NY
These cupcakes are great for a child's slumber party. This will also work on a standard cake. The kids love to make these modeled after themselves and their friends. I got the idea from a book... more
Valentine, I'm Hogwild for You!
Cupcakes Photo by: molkentins1
Hayward, CA,
Our family is simply hog-wild about our favorite cupcake, a little pink piggy I created two years ago when my preschooler asked for pink cupcakes for her February birthday. That year, my daughter's... more
You Send My Heart into Orbit
Cupcakes Photo by: lisascanlon044
Ithaca, NY
My son is really into space lately, so we decided to make a valentine cupcake having to do with space in some way. He has become fascinated with orbits around the sun, so this seemed perfect. ... more
My Heart Melts For You!
Cupcakes Photo by: loveicing
Quakertown, PA
Smore cupcakes!
Dunkin Hines Fudge Chocolate Cake
Mix as directed but use milk in place of water
Place graham crackers in food processor.
Place cupcake liners in pan then sprinkle... more
No limits
Cupcakes Photo by: isegator10
Gainesville, FL
Love has no limits, which is symbolized by the infinity in the center of the heart atop this simple cupcake.
No bones about it!
Cupcakes Photo by: cr8z4u
Honolulu, HI
This little pup has the Valentine spirit.

He is quickly made by kneading, rolling, and cutting chewy candy with heart shaped cookie cutters. His head and body are both hearts, his ears and... more
Romantic Picnic
Cupcakes Photo by: Elizabeth380380
Fort Meade, MD
Everyone know picnics are romantic. These little ants have decided to carry off the candy hearts for their Valentine's!
love birds
Cupcakes Photo by: hunter20061
johnsonburg, PA
These two little love birds are getting ready for valentines day. Although my son says they look more like love chickens
(he could be right)
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