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Love Letters
Cupcakes Photo by: PartyStarr
San Anselmo, CA
You've got mail! A perfect treat to share after an afternoon of trading and reading Valentines.
Conversational Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: Liamclareowenaidan
Chocolate cupcakes with a hint of nutmeg. Decorated with pink rolled fondant. Use watered down dye and a paint brush to write on them.
Three Sweet Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: AshleyAv
East Hampton, NY
In an Art Therapy session we made three heart shaped mini cupcakes. We frosted them in various shades of pink and red colors. We then decorated them with assorted toppings.
Monogram Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: lowlymeow
A fun easy way to personalize Valentine cupcakes! The letters are easy to make using candy melts. You can create initials for your childs class, or arrange cupcakes to send a special Valentine... more
Bee Mine!
Cupcakes Photo by: lowlymeow
Panama, NY
Your valentine will be "buzzing" for more with these sweet cupcakes! This cute little bee with heart shaped wings sits on a heart shaped flower ready to greet your valentine. Easy to make using... more
Conversation Heart Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: moonshadows4
Sugar Grove, IL
Heart shaped, Red Velvet cup cakes with a surprise cream cheese/chocolate chip filling. Iced with tinted cream cheese frosting and decorated with lovely sayings perfect for your sweethearts. Youre... more
Love Struck
Cupcakes Photo by: PartyStarr
San Anselmo, CA
Cupid's Bow has shot a chocolate arrow straight through a sparkly sugar heart!

It's fun and easy for kids to help cut out the stencil and shake the sugar.
Luv Bug
Cupcakes Photo by: PartyStarr
San Anselmo, CA
These adorable Luv Bugs are two treats in one! A crunchy sandwich cookie and a scrumptious cupcake.

It's hard to get a true red color with homemade frosting, so these cuties are sprinkled... more
I adore you!
Cupcakes Photo by: alliecat2173
Cherry Hill, NJ
Eye a-door ewe! What better way to tell someone how you feel than with cupcakes!
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