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Bear Hugs

Contest Photo by: elleon1229
DeLand, FL
Category: Cupcakes


These to cute bear hug cupcakes are fun and simple to make with the whole family. Even my husband and two sons enjoyed making these delicious sweet treats. Also, you can make these cupcakes sugar free.


1 box of cake mix (low sugar optional)
2 large tubs of cool whip (sugar free optional)
1 box vanilla instant pudding (sugar free optional)
1 box chocolate instant pudding (sugar free optional)
1 bag of candy hearts
Pink food coloring
Brown food coloring
Black food coloring
#12 Tip
#32 Tip

How to Make

  • Make cupcakes as directed on box. While cupcakes are baking pour cool whip in large bowl and mix in chocolate instant pudding for 3-5 minutes. Add brown food coloring if you desire a darker brown then set aside. Prepare vanilla icing the same way, but add pink food coloring instead. Pour chocolate icing into piping bag with #12 round tip. Pour vanilla icing into piping bag with #32 star tip

  • After cupcakes come out of the oven let cool for 5 min. then in the center of each cupcake pipe 1 tablespoon of chocolate icing in the middle of the cupcake. Then let cool completely.

  • Use the pink icing to ice the tops of the cupcakes. Then with the chocolate icing make a large ball in the middle of the cupcake, and a slightly smaller ball on top. Place your candy heart in front of the large ball. Next pipe two legs, and two arms that hug the candy heart. The ears are a little tricky, wipe clean your tip and squeeze a little bit of icing out and position on the bears head once positioned pull the icing tip down so the ear will stay in place. For the faces take about 2 tablespoons of chocolate icing, black food coloring and mix together. Pour black icing in sandwich bag and cut a tiny bit from the corner. Then draw faces on bears

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