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Love Bugs
Cupcakes Photo by: cliff_77
Mini love bug cupcakes.
Chocolate Tuxedo Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: mm4391athotmailcom
Dark chocolate cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache topped with a "tuxedo" strawberry
Valentine's Poke Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: mehndimegs
Madison, WI
Get your Valentine to notice you with these light, strawberry shortcake-like cupcakes! A light cake is tinged pink and flavored with strawberries, infused with strawberry gelatin, filled with a... more
Dipped Strawberry Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: slfish68
Hermiston, OR
Chocolate and vanilla dipped strawberry cupcakes.
Latte Love Cupcakes
Cupcakes Photo by: peaceacake024
Omaha, NE
Cupcakes that look like a Latte in a coffee cup. That taste like a latte too!
A Wifes Surprise
Cupcakes Photo by: ldsshelley
Colorado Springs, CO
Hey, I thought I was the cake decorator! HA!
Steve, My Valentine, and husband, created this two tiered cake from my "secret" favorite cupcake of all time!
50 Hostess Cupcakes!!!
Wow... more
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Romance
Cupcakes Photo by: luskm11
Coon Valley, WI
These cupcakes were created to replicate the traditional romantic treat of chocolate covered strawberries. I used a moist chocolate cake recipe for the cupcakes and used a filling made with real... more
Secret Kiss Cupcake
Cupcakes Photo by: lhoward13
Avon Lake, OH
There is more than one secret to this cupcake. Besides the Hersheys Kisses candy secretly hiding in the middle, the cupcake itself has a secret ingredient, beets! My family loves to eat sweet... more
Hog Wild for You!!!
Cupcakes Photo by: sooooofun
Salem, OR
These cute pig cupcakes are simple and fun to make.
Hearts adorn these pink pigs making them perfect for Valentines Day. Place them on a small pink plate, add a curly pipe cleaner tail and the... more
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