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Wait! Wait! Not There!

Contest Photo by: FamilyStaff

My Toilet Tale is:

One Saturday afternoon I took my niece and nephew to Toys R Us. My niece was just starting to learn how to use the potty. I must of asked her a gazillion times if she needed to go and her response was always the same "No".

While walking up and down the isle I turned around and my niece was nowhere to be seen. In a panic I ran to the next isle and there she was sitting on the 'display' potty chair.

I completely panicked when I saw her pants and underwear around her ankles and she was just sitting there.. I asked to to get up and when I looked inside the potty she had made a deposit...I am flustered and have only 2 options..keep walking and leave it there or put it in the carriage and have the lady scan it so I can purchase it.

After much thought and walked away with a potty that had a large log deposited in it..I'm never taking my niece and nephew out again until they are old enough to drive !