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Someone Get Me Outta Here

Contest Photo by: FamilyStaff

My Toilet Tale is:

I was at a public park and had to use the restroom. The park was actually closed for the evening and the men's room was already locked and out of desperation, I tried the women's restroom. Luckily the padlock was still loosened and I was able to enter the restroom. After I was finished I tried to leave the restroom but someone unknowingly locked the padlock and I was a prisoner in a stuffy, smelly park restroom. I panicked and started to pound on the door, yelling for help.No one came to my aid. I kept pounding, yelling, pounding, yelling... I would get tired and sit down with my back pressed to the door, occasionally falling asleep as it was getting darker outside. About 4 hours later, I came up with an idea. I began turning on and off the bathroom light. I kept doing this and was about to give up as my hand was becoming numb. A police officer on patrol so happened to see the light go off and on that he questioned why. Unfortunately his lock cutters would be no match for the heavy-duty padlock. He then called into the parks department to see if anyone had a key. The only person that had a key just flew out of town for a long weekend mini-vacation. Then he contacted the fire department who had a blow torch and they were able to burn the lock off. I exited the restroom to be met by two news reporters from the local television stations, one newspaper reporter, 4 fire trucks, and countless police squad cars, with an ambulance in tow.