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My Princess Throne

Contest Photo by: FamilyStaff

My Toilet Tale is:

It had been a year long struggle with my (strong-willed) daughter to potty-train. She distrusted and disliked the toilet, and refused flat out to sit on either her pink potty chair, or the "grown-up" potty. I tried everything. I even went so far as to tell her that it was a princess throne (she gave me "the look" for that one).
One day, I could not find her anywhere. I looked all over thee house before realizing that my bathroom door was shut and the light was on. I peeked inside. My two year old daughter had wedged herself up on the toilet, hiked up her skirts, and was going potty on her "princess throne"! This triumph for me was overshadowed by the hilarity of the moment... She had gone to her room, changed into her favorite princess dress, donned a pair of high heels, and grabbed a book (something she has seen mommy do) before embarking on this rite of passage! I grabbed my camera, and... well, here she is!!