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It Might Bite Me

Contest Photo by: FamilyStaff

My Toilet Tale is:

Last summer (2009), our six year old child accidentally swallowed a loose tooth (he ate it along with his ice cream sandwich). He was very upset that he didn't have a tooth to give to the tooth fairy. I helped him write a letter to the tooth fariy and he was happy that she visited that night. He never seemed worried that there was a tooth inside him! He did ask how it would come out and I told him "the same way the food does that your body doesn't need anymore". I thought that was a safe enought answer. Not so much! The next day I heard him crying in the bathroom.He was sitting on the toilet with tears rolling down his cheecks and his big blue eyes were filled with fear. When I asked him what was wrong he said " I don't want the tooth to bite me on my bottom when it comes out!"