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Winter Woods Tree Treats

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As home to the ice-talent fairies of Pixie Hollow, the Winter Woods is a magical place filled with icy blue waterfalls and snow-covered trees. Covered with white chocolate, shimmery sugars, and flaked coconut, this wintry fairy forest replica makes an extra sweet treat for kids to decorate and eat.

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Flowers-and-Ice Fairy Friendship Bracelet

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When Tinker Bell sneaks over the border into the mysterious Winter Woods and meets a frost fairy named Periwinkle, the two make an amazing discovery. As a tribute to the special bond that forms between them, this friendship bracelet combines elements of summer and winter -- pretty purple flower blossoms and beads as clear as ice.

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Fairy Mitten Cookies

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When you're a fairy whose favorite hobbies include making frost swirls and sliding down frozen waterfalls, your hands are bound to get cold once in awhile — unless, of course, you've got a good supply of warm mittens. Trimmed with white chocolate and shredded coconut, these mini mitts are a treat everybody will be eager to get their hands on.

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