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Portuguese Kale and Potato Soup

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Don't call this Caldo Verde, or your Portuguese grandmother will tell you that the broth should only be made of potatoes and the sausage should only be chorizo. That's okay. It doesn't need to be authentic -- it just needs to taste great. And boy does it. Filled with deep green kale (of the I-bought-it-but-now-what? variety) and skin-on spuds, this is soup at its most delicious and nourishing best. And the bites of smoky sausage will appeal to even the smallest skeptics.

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Creamy Zuke Soup

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Summer squash are inexpensive and abundant, but little ones can be a little daunted by them. Here, they're whirred into an appealing, pale green soup that strikes the perfect balance between wholesome and yummy. The character of this soup will be determined by what you stir in at the end: buttermilk will make a light and zippy soup, milk a good, mild one, and half and half a rich and creamy one. Served with bread and a salad, it makes a perfect light dinner.

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