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Kids' Music for Parents Who Hate Kids' Music

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Today's music for kids does not have to be torture on a parent's ears. Below are some of our favorite well-known and not-so-well-known musicians that you'll gladly pop in ... and may even find yourself listening to when the kids aren't around.

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Family Movie Night: Pirate Night

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'Tis the life of pirate ye desire? Be warned, landlubber, thou hast lots to learn. But be not dismayed. Lady luck has smiled upon ye, giving ye plenty of activities, books, crafts, movies, and recipes to live life like one who hast sailed all seven seas.

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Review: Vince Carter: Choose Your Course

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Vince Carter grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida, competing in soccer, football, tennis, volleyball, track, and basketball. He also played in school bands for seven years. Struggling through his parents' divorce, he developed a positive attitude to carry him forward. In his senior year of high school, Carter earned seventy-six college scholarships for either basketball or music. Choosing to play basketball for the University of North Carolina, he also promised his mother to stay in school. With one college year left, Carter put his name into the 1998 National Basketball Association draft. The Toronto Raptors selected him, and he rose quickly in the NBA ranks.

In 2000, Carter joined the United States Olympic basketball team for competition in Sydney, Australia. Playing with determination, he helped the team win gold. This medal meant more to him than any NBA title. Remembering his promise to his mother, Carter attended summer classes and earned his college degree in African-American studies. To him, all of his NBA wins were less important than finishing school. Carter continues to be an All-Star both on and off the court.

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Review: "Dora the Explorer" TV Games

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Game with Dora without buying a console system.

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