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Intimacy in a Postpartum World

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My wife is about to give birth and, aside from my excitement about the arrival of our third child, I'm thinking about the future of my life in the bedroom. Having been through two other post-partum periods, I'm experienced with my wife's need to physically heal and deal with the demands of infant care and feeding. I'm a veteran of the important process of emotionally recovering from carrying the child and adjusting to the level of unselfishness required of motherhood.

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Labor Prep for Expectant Moms

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The arrival of your baby will be one of the most exciting, emotional moments of your life. The very thought of labor, however, can be a source of anxiety for most expectant moms.

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Basic Training for Labor

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In addition to all its other benefits, regular exercise actually helps to prepare the body for the rigors of labor! Studies have shown that physically fit moms-to-be experience faster labors and require fewer inductions, forceps deliveries and cesarean deliveries than their coach potato counterparts.

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