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Red, White and Blueberries with Shortbread Stars

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The 4th of July is just around the corner and I can't wait to get started on all manner of tri-colored treats. One 4th Party we held that I particularly liked was one where each food was theme-related. We had it later in the evening, desserts only, and then we gathered for the fireworks.

Everyone had a terrific time. The women asked how each dish was made, the men ate like animals (as usual) and the kids kept going on about how "cuuuute" everything was. The pièce de résistance however, wasn't food at all; it was the fireworks. We lived on the side of a mountain that overlooked the city and the spot where the fireworks were set off. We all sat back in comfy chairs and watched the display from the perfect vantage point.

This year will most likely be just us, but I still love to show-off a little for my family. This dessert is simple and pretty and everyone likes it. We serve it with a choice of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and there's never any left.

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