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Tips for Decorating Your Home

Check out these ideas for brightening up your space one room at a time.

Minutes a Day
Clean Your Home In Under 10 Minutes

"When you start ignoring a surface it's far too easy to continue overlooking it," says Findley. "A two-second wipe-over when it's not visibly dirty will save 30 minutes of cleaning down the road."

Art of Arranging

Feng shui isn't the only way to set up your living room. Take on these arranging tips and tap into the interior designer in you!

Gift Rehab

Could a "Postnup" Save Your Marriage?

For some, it's a dealbreaker. For others, it's a lifesaver. Would it work for you?

Beat Closet Chaos

Beat Closet Chaos

Can't find any of your favorite pieces? Finally get your closet together and you will!

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Are You Guilty of One of These Social Networking Sins?

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