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Waxon The Dragon

Contest Photo by: Artlih
Massapequa, NY
Category: Just for Fun


Waxon is a dragon made from the wax wrapper used around semi-soft cheese to keep it fresh. The dragon is fun to play with and can be made by kids of all ages. One of the best things about playing with the cheese wax is how easy it is to make a simple craft. (From any type of animal to doll furniture) My 4 yr. old made a snowman. After getting the wax soft she rolled 3 balls and stacked them on top of one another. The dragon or any project is basically the same theory. A series of rolling the wax into balls then smoothing them together. My daughter and I have had so much fun.


Wax wrapper from semi-soft cheese
Nothing Else Is Needed

How to Make

  • Just work the wax wrappers in your hands until it's a little soft.

  • Waxon is made:
    A LARGE ball for the main body (2 pieces of wax).
    Make a smaller shaped ball for his tail.
    Another small ball for his neck.
    A football shape for his head.
    Arms and legs are made with a ball for the socket joint,
    a cylinder shape for the foot and arm and then are just molded into place.

  • We have made many other animals, from a dog, horse, unicorn, rabbit, etc. and have had so much fun making and playing with them. I really hope others get to enjoy this simple recycled craft idea with their families and friends.

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