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Toilet Tissue Bridal Shower Bouquet

Contest Photo by: recyclinprincess
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On April 2, 2009 my bff, Chalene had a bridal shower. When we got to the bridal shower games, like "wrap the bride, and bride's maids in a toilet tissue wedding gown, and bride's maids gowns", I surprised everyone with this bouquet, especially Chalene!! She was so thrilled that she asked me to make her a replica for her big day, but of course out of ribbon, not TP!! (LOL ;-)
I even made hair barrettes with mini toilet tissue bouquets for the brides maids. I just made each rose smaller, and attached them with wire to the silver french clip type barrettes you get at the craft store. The bride's maids loved these as well, and it looks like I will be making those too! Just not with TP!


I made this beautiful TP bridal shower bouquet out of Toilet Tissue, and wire.

How to Make

  • Get Toilet Paper. Any brand that doesn't have a design on it. The smoother the better. Note: Sometimes the 2-ply can be to thick, you may have to separate the layers. Cut 4" pieces of craft wire to secure the back of each rose. You will cut as many as is needed depending on how many roses are in your bouquet.

  • Fold each rose using the same technique you would with fabric or ribbon.

  • Use wire at the back of each rose to make sure it wont unravel. Then connect all the roses together to form a bouquet. I also added a Toilet Tissue bow at the back of the bouquet for added style.

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