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The Creation of the Morrison Bridge by Emani
Just for Fun Photo by: wewantavacation2009
Portland, OR
This Recycled project is the Morrison Bridge. It is the first bridge built to cross the Willamette River in our home town Portland, Oregon.

Emani Wilder has created this bridge. She is... more
Storage Room
Just for Fun Photo by: Cartmoon
We recently moved to an apartment. I baby sit during the day. When we arent playing make believe, we watch some Disney movies, mostly on VHS. I thought we would have to get rid of them after our... more
Preston the Penguin
Just for Fun Photo by: alexisdianne_craig
Attica, MI
Description: Preston is made entirely out of the County Press newspaper (with the exception of google eyes), so we call him "Press"ton. If you look close, youll see that he is actually made out... more
Silly Monster Puppet from Old Sweaters!
Just for Fun Photo by: dotdorsner
Atlanta, GA
Make a silly monster puppet from an old sweater, and scraps of felt, fabric, or sweater material. This would be a great project to make for your kids, and older kids can do much of it on their own.... more
Just for Fun Photo by: mousemommy8
Harrison Twp, MI
MOO-TIFUL the recycled cow. Keeping our animals and earth healthy. Made in the U.S.A.
Just Buggy
Just for Fun Photo by: Spiritgold6
Westfield, IN
As a preschool teacher I worked with my students to create their own special bugs to take home and admire.
Cookie Case Race Car
Just for Fun Photo by: si0422
Toledo, OH
I am a Girl Scout Leader with a troop consisting on 21 2nd grade girls. We sold a lot of cookies this year & we had a lot of Cookie Cases left over. Instead of throwing them in the garbage, the... more
Lid Land
Just for Fun Photo by: 29J-4H
All kids enjoy a play land. This one is Lid Land and your imagination can go as far as the lids will take you. Don't throw away lids---save them. They can be collected in all shapes and sizes and... more
Robot Ruby
Just for Fun Photo by: taylorrook
Florissant, MO
A stytofoam head with glass jars eyes and a paper plate mouth. A WII Fit box for the torso. Soda boxes for the legs and egg cartons for the feet. Various paper and cardboard boxes for the arms and... more
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