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Recycled Robot Clock
Functional Photo by: Doris_Benter
Huntington, NY
As an elementary art teacher for over 20 years and a mother, I understand the value of recycled materials and how valuable they can be in creating fun and functional crafts with kids. Every week, I... more
Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Robot
Functional Photo by: laurenfayemommy
London, KY
My craft is a robot made from recycled boxes, sticks, hoses, juice bottles, and one of my favorite bracelets I accidently broke! My robot is going to help me remember to recycle daily as he is a... more
Trash to Treasure Beads
Functional Photo by: fetalgreetings
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Surprisingly...these beautiful beads were made simply with old magazines, newspapers, brown paper bags, cardboard egg cartons, paper towel rolls...any kind of leftover paper products!
CD Earring Holder
Functional Photo by: fetalgreetings
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Unique earring holder made with just a cd and the stand that comes when you buy a stack of them! The bottom portion is perfect for holding spare earring backings. Created to fit in with my... more
Green Machine
Functional Photo by: teri_durbala
West Des Moines, IA
The Green Machine is made with all sorts of recycled material to help make recycling fun. You feed the Green Machine the recycleable materials and then transfer to the recycling bin in the garage.
Dress-up Wardrobe
Functional Photo by: hmkrturtle
Elizabethtown, PA
One year for Christmas my daughter received the cutest little chest full of dress-up clothes. It was perfectly adorable, however, her fingers kept getting pinched in the clasps. I wanted something... more
Ribbon Keeper Gift Box
Functional Photo by: jdsoberer
Farmington, MN
This is a fun little craft for all ages! Have your ribbon close at hand and pull and cut what you need without fumbling through rolls of ribbon! If you love to craft you probably love ribbon and... more
Bottle-Holder StarShips
Functional Photo by: mojuguca
Madison, WI
StarShips, Walkers, and LandCruisers modeled after a child's favorite science fiction! Each craft is easy to construct and paint, and is built with a functional purpose: storage of action figures.... more
Princess Jewelry Box
Functional Photo by: CCarlander_4
Monument, CO
This jewelry box will delight the little princess in your life while keeping all her treasured jewels organized!
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