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Reduce, Reuse, Recycling Robot

Contest Photo by: laurenfayemommy
London, KY
Category: Functional


My craft is a robot made from recycled boxes, sticks, hoses, juice bottles, and one of my favorite bracelets I accidently broke! My robot is going to help me remember to recycle daily as he is a storage place for recycled materials! I am sure I will be able to make lots more things with the materials I will save! He also will help me make the world a little cleaner too!!


Recycled Materials Used
1. One large cardboard box (body)

2. One small cardboard box (head)

3. 2 plastic juice containers with screw on lids (legs)

4. 2 wooden sticks (antenna)

5. Aluminum foil (antenna)

6. Broken plastic bracelet for mouth (other items could be substituted)

7. One Christmas Light bulb (nose)

8. 2 bottle lids (eyes)

9. 2 plastic hoses (arms)

Other Materials Used:
1. Paint
2. Glue
3. Scissors
4. Pencil

How to Make

  • The first step in making this robot is to find both large and small cardboard boxes. Next, paint both boxes and let them dry.

  • After the paint dries turn the large box upside down and decide where to put the robots legs (juice boxes). Mark where to cut the box so that the juice bottles will go through the box and the lids screwed back on.

  • Next, mark the places to attach the arms on each side of the box and cut the hole to fit the size of the hose. Insert the hose in the holes to attach the arms.

  • Next, cover the wooden sticks with aluminum foil and paint the tips of each stick red. Also, paint the bottle lids for the eyes.

  • Cut a U shape section on the front side of the large box so it can be used to store items to be recycled.

  • Next, glue the bottle lids (eyes) and mouth on the smaller box The Christmas light bulb can be stuck into the box for the nose. Stick the wooden sticks covered with aluminum foil in the top of the small box in a V shape for antennas.

  • The final step is to glue the smaller box (head) onto the larger box (body) and your robot will be complete and ready to help you recycle more items for more crafts and fun.

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