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Ms. Campbell

Contest Photo by: Dalmation41
San Carlos, AZ
Category: Functional


1st project: Model Spaceship or rocket: Students had to work with their parents or family members and create a spaceship or rocket out of recycled materials.

2nd project was to create a vehicle that moved.

3rd project was to create a 3-D bug out of recycled materials.

I did not give my students any directions concerning the size or shape for any of the models that I required them to make. I did require that they made their vehicles move. Their insects had to be 3-D and their spaceship or rockets were 3-D, yet they did not have to fly. My intent was to connect with the family and to build a good school and family relationship.


Some of my students created rockets using toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, paper, and straws, PVC pipe and paint, cloth, fan and cardboard with a stuff toy. Some came up with a space craft using a paper cup,clothes hangers, and pieces of plastic toys.

Cardbord boxes were used, scrap wood, damaged CDs, combs, and other materials.

Toilet paper rolls, plastic, plastic flowers, cloth, and various other materials were used by my students.

How to Make

  • Collect various recyclable materials that are not harmful to your or anyone elses health and items to help the recycled itmes to make a bond such as glue, nails, and string.

  • Play with the recycled materials until you figure out how each piece helps to form a rocket, spaceship, vehicle, or insect. Then glue, nail, or string the pieces together to create a bond.

  • Paint the objects with left over paint, add a few pieces of recycled fabric for special effects.

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