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From Caps to Curtain

Contest Photo by: Lilliebridge
Lake in the Hills, IL
Category: Functional


Your kids will flip their lids over this whimsical doorway curtain made from yogurt lids and milk caps.


- 120 clear or colored plastic yogurt/Pringles lids, each 3 1/8" in diameter, rinsed & dried
- 120 plastic milk/juice caps, (60 matching pairs of caps) each between 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" in diameter, rinsed & dried
- 120 segments of drinking straws, each 1" in length, rinsed & dried
- 12 foam beads
- Scissors
- 1/8" wide hole punch
- Acrylic paint
- Paint brush
- Small foam stamps (optional)
- Foam stickers (optional)
- Tape measure
- Drill with 3/16" drill bit
- 6 lengths of 1/8" wide ribbon, each 16' 8" long (200" long) (you will need approx. 4 spools, 10 yards each)
- 2 wide-eyed carpet needles
- Extendable curtain rod to fit a standard doorway

How to Make

  • Prepare the yogurt/Pringles lids by punching 2 opposing holes in the rim of each lid.
    (If your lids are clear, paint the back of each lid as desired. Foam stamps can be used to "lift" a design off of a recently painted lid, or scratch into a lid that has been painted and dried for a scratch-board effect. If your lids are solid-colored, apply foam stickers to the fronts of them for decoration.)

  • Prepare the milk/juice caps by drilling a hole in the center of each.

  • Pair up the caps and lids. Thread both ends of one length of ribbon, bringing needles together to create a 100" long double strand. Thread one foam bead onto one needle, bringing it to the bottom of your strand.

  • Using both needles together, thread them through one hole at the BOTTOM of your first lid, then through the hole at the BOTTOM of your second lid, now through the hole at the TOP of your first lid, then through the hole at the TOP of your second lid, making sure that the backs of the two lids face each other with the ribbon sandwiched in between. Next, using both needles together, thread on one piece of straw.

  • Separate the needles. Choosing two matching milk/juice caps, sandwich them back to back. Thread one needle through both caps from each side, locking the caps between the two strands of ribbon. Bringing the needles together, thread on another piece of straw. Pull the ribbon tightly and adjust the caps and lids as needed as you continue threading more pieces.

  • Continue following steps 4 & 5 until you've strung on ten pairs each of lids, caps, and straws, creating a chain about 6' in length, with about 1' of ribbon tail. Finish by threading on another foam bead in the same manner as described in step 5, and tie off with a secure knot. You will need six chains to hang in a standard 30" wide x 80" high doorway.

  • Install the curtain rod and tie the chains on tightly, spacing them evenly on the rod.

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