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Recycled Bag Bag
Functional Photo by: marycwhite1
Austin, TX
After being given an art assignment at school to make "Trash Art", my daughter came up with the idea to use plastic grocery bags to make a carrying bag. She googled how to reuse plastic bags and... more
Dress-up Wardrobe
Functional Photo by: hmkrturtle
Elizabethtown, PA
One year for Christmas my daughter received the cutest little chest full of dress-up clothes. It was perfectly adorable, however, her fingers kept getting pinched in the clasps. I wanted something... more
Streetlight Wise
Functional Photo by: hawaiimonkeys
Honolulu, HI
As a parent, I'm always looking for ways to make fun also educational. With this recycled craft, your toddler can't help but have fun and learn these street symbols in the process.

We even... more
Portable Play Stove
Functional Photo by: yardenx
Salem, OR
My son loves to cook (for real, and pretend), and I am so drawn to all those adorable mini kitchens that are way out of my price range (not to mention out of my storage capacity). We were playing... more
Evan's Castle
Functional Photo by: PacaShepard
Roxboro, NC
When my 6-year-old son needed a home for his new Playmobile knights I knew it would be a great project for us to do together.

A trip to our home's recycling bin gave us all the inspiration... more
Eco -Santa
Functional Photo by: mrsterry5
Titusville, FL
Dear Family Fun,

I hope you enjoy this eco-friendly, fun to make and give Santa bottle. . It is made with a recyclable Nestle Coffee-mate coffee creamer bottle. I decorate the bottle and... more
A baby milestone jar
Functional Photo by: filijm2002
Keokuk, IA
This baby memory jar is a great idea of baby showers and even busy moms who only get a few moments to jot down a note that they just might want to remember forever such as the first haircut date or... more
Recycled Robot Clock
Functional Photo by: Doris_Benter
Huntington, NY
As an elementary art teacher for over 20 years and a mother, I understand the value of recycled materials and how valuable they can be in creating fun and functional crafts with kids. Every week, I... more
Coffee Can Caddy
Functional Photo by: FamilyFun_Team
Store everything from colored pencils and crayons to a deck of cards in this handy carryall.
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