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Upcycled Plastic Barrette
Functional Photo by: flibbertigibbet7
St. Louis, MO,
To make this barrette, I took plastic shopping bags and cut them into strips. I then tied the strips together at the ends to make "plarn" or plastic yarn. I then knit the cabled piece out of the... more
Handmade Easter/Gift Basket
Functional Photo by: sierramuse8
Port Clinton, OH
Small Easter or gift basket
Shower with love
Functional Photo by: triofangel
Crawfordville, FL,
Shower/Party Centerpieces- I attached bbq bamboo sticks to the chocolate/pretzels and arranged as a flower arrangement. All the materials were leftovers and I received many compliments.
The Best Bug Catcher Ever!
Functional Photo by: juliegodinez
La Grange, Illinois,

I have 4 boys (26, 21, 13 & 12) and learned early on about their love for bugs! We have been making this bug catcher since my oldest was young!

It's design is really... more
Functional Photo by: alysco2003
Saint Louis,, MO
I am a home-school mom and we have only one income, so being efficient with the supplies IN our home is essential! One of our lessons was about creation and the animals on earth. We were... more
Trash to Treasure Beads
Functional Photo by: fetalgreetings
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Surprisingly...these beautiful beads were made simply with old magazines, newspapers, brown paper bags, cardboard egg cartons, paper towel rolls...any kind of leftover paper products!
girls Disney dress
Functional Photo by: kj904
Thornton, CO
I had an favorite shirt that the washing machine ate the bottom of. I took the shirt and refashioned it into an adorable dress for my daughter.
West Side Story Trash
Functional Photo by: DisneyFanSuzi
Schenectady, NY
My son's high school was doing a production of West Side Story and needed sets - we had no budget but big ideas. We recycled fencing, old trash cans, old tires, empty paint cans, ladders and the... more
Creamer Santa
Functional Photo by: LibrasunshineRules
Recycling empty creamer containers to make a Santa Claus
and fill it with Christmas treats.
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