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Fly Flicker Frog Game
Functional Photo by: hallkidsmom
Encinitas, CA
The object of the game is to flick your fly into the frog's open mouth. The frog and flies are made of 2 liter soda bottles.
Denim Magnet Pocket
Functional Photo by: soochi555
College Station, TX
These pockets are handy for holding pens, dry erase board markers and erasers, pencils, notepads, coupons, reminder notes, messages, etc. The pockets can be mounted to the surface of a... more
La La Love the Letters Box
Functional Photo by: W_Family
This box of letters is so LOVED in our house. When we are looking for something to pass time, we take our pretty scrap papers and make letters. Storage? Simple with our Love the Letters Box. Super... more
PDA Chillin' Chair
Functional Photo by: vscience
Port Charlotte, FL
Chill out in this PDA Chillin' Chair. It has surround sound! The swing chair is made of 100% recycled materials from around the house. It has many functions. It is a relaxing chair that swings... more
Ribbon Keeper Gift Box
Functional Photo by: jdsoberer
Farmington, MN
This is a fun little craft for all ages! Have your ribbon close at hand and pull and cut what you need without fumbling through rolls of ribbon! If you love to craft you probably love ribbon and... more
Grand Prize Winner
Bottle Top Garbage Can
Functional Photo by: anutamy
Brooklyn, NY
375 bottle tops from soda bottles glued together in 11 inch circles, stacked, one on top of another, 10+ inches tall. Bottom created from bottle tops too. To keep next to my computer, where I open... more
Unique Cookie Press Disk
Functional Photo by: alisonzajac
Trumbull, CT,
I used the lid of a used Mandarin Oranges container to make a disk for my cookie press. I needed a footprint shape, and couldn't find one anywhere. I noticed that the lids in the recycling bin... more
Recycled Memory Book/Scrapbook
Functional Photo by: SisJewell
St George, UT
Using a CapriSun juice box, you can make an easy and adorable little book for photos, memorabilia, journaling, receipts, anything you can fit into this fun and personalized little book, made from... more
CD Earring Holder
Functional Photo by: fetalgreetings
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Unique earring holder made with just a cd and the stand that comes when you buy a stack of them! The bottom portion is perfect for holding spare earring backings. Created to fit in with my... more
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