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Be good to the Earth.
Functional Photo by: dkebbekus
Yuma, Az,
As a family we are trying to be more "earth friendly", so we recycled a box, decorated it, and started collecting cans.
Sign of the times
Functional Photo by: christywolf
Alamo, CA
Handmade Peace sign made with recycled material. Below the peace sign is a description of when your child feels at peace, such as my daughter's, which was "I feel at PEACE when I am outside playing".
Kid art light switch covers
Functional Photo by: miriam11403
Baltimore, MD
My daughter (5) produces mountains of art work of every shape and size and I wanted to display some of her finger painting and other paper art, but we ran out of room to hang all of it. Instead of... more
Fun Football Fan Pulls
Functional Photo by: smith-king
Austin, TX
We are always finding it hard to reach the fan and light strings, so I created this fun little craft. It is a football fan pull that allows the fan and light strings to be extended while being cute.
Napkin Holder
Functional Photo by: ssaslmom
Reno, NV
Make a fun and easy napking holder with the plastic ring from a tape roll
Green Machine
Functional Photo by: teri_durbala
West Des Moines, IA
The Green Machine is made with all sorts of recycled material to help make recycling fun. You feed the Green Machine the recycleable materials and then transfer to the recycling bin in the garage.
Book Box
Functional Photo by: shadrachwilson
Farmington, MI
A colorful, fun box to put baby's books or toys in.
Recycled pine needle sachets
Functional Photo by: alisonzajac
Trumbull, CT
If you have a old holiday wreath hanging around in your yard after having been taken off your door in January, recycle it! Make lovely scented sachets with some scrap cloth rounds and re-used... more
Apple for the Teacher
Functional Photo by: hallkidsmom
Encinitas, CA
Teacher Appreciation Gift. Apple for the teacher can be a paperweight or, with a hole cut in the top, a pencil holder !
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