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Cat Hut N' Playhouse

Contest Photo by: cowanfamily09
Millington, TN
Category: Functional


My daughter (Sabrina, 12) came up with this recycled craft all on her own:

As a cat lover, last winter I was worried that my cats would get cold on freezing nights. You have heard of a dog house, right? Why not a cat house?

I found an old Styrofoam cooler that we were not using and decided I should RECYCLE! I cut a door in it, put a blanket in the bottom, and painted it bright fun colors to look like a house.

My cats love to perch on top, crawl inside to keep warm or nap. The top is the purr-fect scratching post as well!

In the summer, you can prop open the lid or cut another hole for a window to give them crossbreeze.

Your cats will love this recycled Cat Hut N'Playhouse!


Styrofoam cooler, broken or not
Scissors or knife
Paints and brushes
Blanket or towel

How to Make

  • Cut a door where the broken piece is, or decide where you would like the door. Use knife or scissors to carefully cut out a door large enough for a cat, but not too big.

  • Paint bright colors to look like a house.

  • Put blanket in bottom, and let cats enjoy!

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