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Princess Castle Cake Topper

Contest Photo by: mickerush
Arlington Heights, IL
Category: Decoration


A cake topper fit for a princess.


Construction paper, toilet paper rolls, toothpicks, stickers, glue or a glue gun and a cardboard box.

How to Make

  • Decorate shoe box with construction paper, stickers, etc.

  • Decorate 4 toilet paper rolls with construction paper and stickers.

  • Glue decorated toilet paper rolls to decorated shoe box with glue gun.

  • Make flags with tootpicks and construction paper, decorate as want with stickers, etc.

  • Glue flags to toilet paper turrets.

  • Cut a piece of wax paper size of bottom of the box and put on cake. Gently place castle on top of wax paper. Instant cake decoration.

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