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Baby Food Jar Snow Men

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A few years ago, I needed some Christmas decorations and wanted the kids to help me to make some. I looked around for any supplies I had around the house and came up with an idea to use all the empty baby food jars I had saved for just in case projects. It was so easy and the kids had such fun making them that weve made it a tradition to make new ones every year.


Clean baby food jars with the labels removed
Cotton balls
Orange colored paper
Black colored paper
A ruler
A low-temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks
Elmers white glue
Google eyes
A toothpick
A hole-punch
Ribbon or Cloth material
Small twigs
Sharpie Marker

How to Make

  • Making the snow balls-
    Take the clean baby foods jars, remove the lids (they arent needed for this project) and fill each jar full of cotton balls.

  • Making the carrot nose-
    Measure and cut out a triangle approximately two inches long by half an inch at the base. Take the Elmers white glue and put a dot at the point of the triangle, then position the toothpick at the base of the triangle. Using the toothpick as a sort of rolling pin, roll the paper onto the toothpick as tight as possible all the way to the end of the point. Hold firmly onto the toothpick until the glue has dried, then slide the nose off of the toothpick.

  • Making the face-
    Take the black colored paper and punch five holes. Use the Elmers white glue to make a semi circle at the bottom third of one of the baby food jars. Glue the five dots onto the semi circle to make a charcoal smile. Use the Elmers white glue to make two small dots on the top third of the jar, and then attach two Google Eyes. Finally, using the hot glue gun, make a dot in the center of the face and attach your carrot nose.

  • Adding the arms:
    Using the hot glue gun, make a large drop of glue on the side of a filled jar. Quickly hold one of the twigs into the glue and hold in place until glue has dried solid. (About 20 seconds.) Once dry, add more glue around the twig to secure it in place.

  • Assembling the Snowman-
    Using the hot glue gun, put glue at the rim on the top of the jar and attach your second jar that has the arms already securely glued on. Repeat the process by now putting glue at the rim on the top of the second jar and attach your third jar that has a face.

  • Accessorizing your Snowman-
    Add anything you want to your snow man to give it personalized character. Use the pom-poms to make earmuffs; use the left over black paper to make a top hat; tie ribbon around the neck for scarfs or glue fabric on to make colorful beanies.

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