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Bow-Meow-Ween Pet Costume Contest

Upload a photo of your pet in their Halloween costume for a chance to win a Solvit HoundAboutâ„¢ Pet Trailer or a KONG Pet Gift Basket with toys & treats !

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Horror-ific Hounds Photo by: Chunkai7313
Category: Horror-ific Hounds
Hey, where's Perry?
Horror-ific Hounds Photo by: cinnamonsins
El Paso, TX
Category: Horror-ific Hounds
Toby the Wiener Dog
Petrifying Pets Photo by: ckinney2009
Aberdeen, WA
Category: Petrifying Pets
Min Pin Peacock
Horror-ific Hounds Photo by: claires_mama
Winter Park, FL
Category: Horror-ific Hounds
Brutus the Pirate
Horror-ific Hounds Photo by: clarahaefner
Houston, TX
Category: Horror-ific Hounds
Dudley As Frankenweenie
Horror-ific Hounds Photo by: ClassicFrankenweenie
Houston, TX
Category: Horror-ific Hounds
Bunch of Grapes
Frightening Felines Photo by: claudiamc20
Bronx, NY
Category: Frightening Felines
Cherry Goodness
Petrifying Pets Photo by: Cleere77
Parker, CO
Category: Petrifying Pets
Buddy and Oscar
Horror-ific Hounds Photo by: cliffgall
Irwin, PA
Category: Horror-ific Hounds
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Contest Photo Tips and Guidelines:
  • Avoid clutter. Keep the background simple -- your gingerbread house or holiday cookie is the star!
  • Daytime, natural light is best. If your area is bright enough, try taking the photo without the flash.
  • Upload a horizontal photo. If you crop the image on your computer, make sure you keep a landscape 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • For best results, make your image 1200x900 (or "save for web").
  • With a digital camera, you can take as many photos as possible and choose the best one. Have fun!