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Etiquette & Table Manners

From interrupting to elbows on the table, raise polite, well-mannered kids.

birthday girls

Everyday Manners

Well-behaved children who say "please" and "thank you" may be more apt to develop into well-mannered, pleasant, and sophisticated adults. Their behavior reflects well on you too.
boy at the table

At the Table

From "Please pass the salt" to "May I be excused?": Lay down some ground rules and discover simple ways to help your child develop polite and pleasant dining habits.
mom and baby on the phone

Manners for Moms

Knowing what the proper thing to do is can be tricky sometimes. Let us help you navigate some common social scenarios gracefully, with ease and confidence.
manners books

Books & Resources

Call in the reinforcements! Try these wonderful books and Web sites to help point you and your child in the right direction.
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