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7 Little Things
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Mickey Cake Pops
Butterfly Game
Funny Face Burgers
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Before they get too big to hold your hand, take a moment to enjoy your kids' sense of wonder by making a fun discovery.
mickey cake pops
Mickey Tastes Like Chocolate!
Can you believe these are little chocolate cakes on a stick? Find out how to make your own Mickey and Minnie cake pops -- your kids will be amazed.
Those Are Dinosaur Footprints
Drive by the outdoor museum Dinosaur Ridge near Denver, Colorado, and you'll see huge footprints -- made by real dinosaurs! Check out all 10 vacation moments kids love to plan an outing near you.
butterfly craft
Butterflies Have Noses
Butterflies drink nectar through their long, straw-like snouts. Make your own "flower" and drink like a butterfly in this fun activity for preschoolers.
Rover Likes to Read
When a struggling young reader gets paired with a patient pup, it can do wonders for their confidence. Watch this inspiring story of a school who did just that, with incredible results.
funny face burger
My Dinner Has a Funny Face
Is your dinner looking back at you? Call the kids to the dinner table, and then greet them with this silly surprise.
I Can Draw
Art can be a world of discovery when your child is motivated. Here are 5 ways to help kids love drawing, from our art education experts.
boy and dragon
It's a Dragon!
Play Dragon Connect-the-Dots, and find other fun crafts, games, and gear to feed their obsession with fire-breathing creatures.

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Quiz: What's Your Family's Travel Style?
What's Your Family's Travel Style?
City or mountains? Beach or bicycle trip? Take our quiz and find out what kind of travelers you and your family are.
1. You and your kids are snowed in for a day. No school! No work! What do you do with your newfound free time?

Bundle up and head outside for sledding and snowball fights in teams.
Settle in, pour some steaming cups of cocoa, and enjoy the down time, fireside.
Get a great game of Trivial Pursuit going, then research how snowflakes are formed.
Set off on a trek around the neighborhood with your kids, portraying yourself as a sled-dog leader in the Alaskan wilderness.
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