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Lions, and Tigers, and Lice! Oh, My!
Picture this: a mother serenely brushing the hair of her two beautiful children after their baths. Storybooks are piled on the bed in happy anticipation of their peaceful bedtime ritual. Little does this mother (ok, it was me) know, but something lies waiting beneath her son's tawny tendrils. Something shocking and vile. Something that will destroy any promise of serenity that the evening held. Read more.

Tooth Fairy, D.D.S.
Five Halloweens ago, my son Jake lost his first tooth. I remember it was Halloween, because we were in costume at a Halloween party when the tooth fell out, and everyone at the party called him "Jake-o-Lantern" all night. He was so excited the next morning to wake up and find that the Tooth Fairy had visited. Now that my kids are 13 and 11, visits with the dentist and the orthodontist are fairly common, but the Tooth Fairy hasn't flown in for a visit for a couple of years now. Read more.

Artwork Hang-Up
The refrigerator shudders as Ellie slams its door shut (seems we're out of vanilla yogurt again). I count out loud, "3, 2, 1," and right on cue, three large pieces of artwork flap free of their magnets and float to the kitchen floor. Read more.

A Good Morning Plan
"Mama, may I please have Rice Krispies for breakfast?" Grace, 6, says as she sits at the breakfast bar. "Sure," I say, as I fetch them from the pantry, pour them in the bowl and add the milk. She interrupts me, mid-stream. "No, no. Chocolate milk, please," she says. Read more.

Homework Halftime
Just after 3:40, Caitlin and Ellie tumble off the bus and pour in the back door. The talk is all of growling tummies and a new tire swing stunt called "jelly bean." Finally, I bring up homework. "What have you got tonight?" I ask with dread. Two pages of math each. One has a paragraph to write and reading time to log. One has a set of worksheets to finish by Friday. I anticipate a lot of oversight to get through all of this, and I'm not far off. Read more.

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