Sweet Dream Solutions for Bedtime Battles

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A Hard-Night Helper
When your kid is having a day from you-know-where that becomes as endless as the line at the DMV, you'll do almost anything to right it. I was in such a state one day when Ellie, then 4, fell into a bottomless downward spiral. Whacked her head on the kitchen counter. Couldn't get the take-turns-thing going with her twin sister, Caitlin. Couldn't recover when the purple, pink, and yellow Play-Doh turned into a tiresome brown. And so it went, one preschool crisis after another, until I tucked her tired-out self into bed, figuring she was so exhausted that she'd finally find some bliss in a sweet dream. But it didn't end there. After several trips up and down the stairs and in and out of her room, I was desperate for something to close the door on this day. Read more.

Afraid of the Dark
My heart races as I lay in the pitch-black room that the five of us are sleeping in during a summer getaway. No, it isn't mysterious thumps from an imagined boogieman that have awakened and paralyzed me with fear, it's the blackness itself. I'm convinced that in the darkness of this strange room my 7-year-old, Henry, will forget he is sleeping on a top bunk and fling himself off. Read more.

Bedtime Bracelets
Bath taken? PJs on? Teeth brushed? Check, check, and check. All three girls are ready for a chapter or two before bed, but for once, I'm itching to change things up. So instead of cracking Danny, the Champion of the World, I open our jewelry-making bin and we sprawl fireside on the living room floor to make bracelets. Read more.

Two Minutes 'Til Bedtime
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and feast your eyes upon the latest, greatest Wonder of the Age! Behold -- the calendar! With this simple printed paper, folks, you can achieve one of the greatest feats of parenting known to mankind. Yes, moms and dads, YOU can get YOUR children to compete with each other to go to bed FIRST! Read more.

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Sweet Dream Solutions for Bedtime Battles

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