August 21, 2008

Sibling Solutions

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Chore Dice
"I did it yesterday," Ally argued. "But I did it for two days in a row before that," Brittany countered. For at least 15 minutes, I listened to my daughters debate whose turn it was to load the dishwasher. Either one of them could have finished doing the simple after-dinner chore by then if they'd just gotten to it instead of bickering. I didn't think alternating daily chores was that complicated, but obviously I should have written out a schedule or marked the calendar. Read more.

Sibling Sleepovers
Sabrina had been looking forward to having a friend sleep over all week. She had planned crafts (friendship bracelets), submitted her menu requests (a junk food trifecta of popcorn, candy, and soda), and we'd even rented a DVD. Then, on Friday, illness struck, and her friend cancelled. Fortunately, when I saw the sad look on Sabrina's face, I had an idea I hoped would save the weekend -- a sibling sleepover. Read more.

Finding a Little Zen
Ellie storms into the kitchen, eyes glaring, feet stomping, fit to burst with anger. She has just discovered Natalie in her bedroom, sneaking a test drive on her brand new recorder. Ellie's furious, both at the invasion of her privacy, and the fact that now she has to stop in the middle of her math homework to "decontaminate" her instrument. I wince at the sight of this little tornado who is my daughter, because I know her anger won't be easily cast off. She'll wear it around all night, like her favorite purple poncho. Read more.

Squashing Sibling Squabbles
The sister squabbles were clearly spiraling out of hand when Caitlin arrived at breakfast one morning and pulled her chair to the far end of the counter, away from Natalie. Ellie arrived a minute later and did the same on the opposite end. Talie tried to move closer to Cait, who erected a barricade of four cereal boxes between them. This, among other incidents, sent me scouring the parenting shelves at the library. Read more.

Two Minutes 'Til Bedtime
Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and feast your eyes upon the latest, greatest Wonder of the Age! Behold — the calendar! With this simple printed paper, folks, you can achieve one of the greatest feats of parenting known to mankind. Yes, moms and dads, YOU can get YOUR children to compete with each other to go to bed FIRST! Read more.

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Sibling Solutions

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