September 8, 2008

Rise-and-Shine Breakfasts

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The Great Breakfast Battle Victory
"What do you want for breakfast?" It seems like such a simple question."Pancakes!" yells Henry. "Waffles!" Julia yells back. "No! Pancakes!" retorts Henry. "It's waffle day!" Julia shouts. "It's the third Saturday of an odd month, so that means ... pancakes." I answer with authority, using the Infallible Stealth Mother Breakfast Food Algorithm, i.e. choosing pancakes because they're easier to make than homemade waffles. For too long these breakfast battles have breached the peace of our lazy weekend mornings. Then Nana visited and solved the problem in two seconds. Read more.

Banana Split Breakfast
"I don't want scrambled eggs or waffles," said Trevor at the kitchen table. "I want a chocolate bar." "Someone sure is acting like he needs more sleep," I said as I searched through the cabinets and refrigerator, looking for a way to please his palate without bending the rules and starting his day on a sugar high. "How does a breakfast banana split sound?" I asked Trevor, who looked up from his pout with surprise. Read more.

Smooth Morning
I need a cup of coffee and some time to wake up before I can even think about food -- eating or preparing it. So much for a morning routine. Not only do I have to worry about finding a nutritionally balanced meal that both of my toddlers will eat, but I have to deal with the fact that my kids' internal food clocks are not synchronized! The solution? Smoothies for breakfast! Read more.

Cookie-Cutter Snacks
"Dat spells 'Nolan!'" said my 5-year-old excitedly. He wasn't reading a word I'd written on paper, or checking his school backpack to make sure he had the right one. He was pointing at his breakfast: scrambled eggs, a veggie sausage patty, and five little pieces of wheat toast, cut into the shape of his name using a set of alphabet cookie cutters. His brothers also had a side of namesake toast, spelling "Jackson" and "Aaron" in a semicircle around their plates. Read more.

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Rise-and-Shine Breakfasts

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