Moms' Magic Remedies to Colds,
Cuts, and More

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Sick Day Specials
Sabrina had woken up that morning, and after taking one look at her pale face and glassy eyes, I said, "There's no way you're going to school today." I took her temperature, and sure enough, she had a fever. Too sick to go to school, too sick even to play, she just lay there listlessly on the couch. A snapshot of Sabrina on that day would have made a great visual for the word puny. Read more.

Lions, and Tigers, and Lice! Oh, My!
Picture this: a mother serenely brushing the hair of her two beautiful children after their baths. Storybooks are piled on the bed in happy anticipation of their peaceful bedtime ritual. Little does this mother (ok, it was me) know, but something lies waiting beneath her son's tawny tendrils. Something shocking and vile. Something that will destroy any promise of serenity that the evening held. Read more.

Mom's Magic Massage
Our youngest, Jake, was the world's worst teether. He once cried for 14 months straight. Poor Jake -- each new tooth came with a nasty head cold and usually an ear infection to go along with it. We maxed out acetaminophen and ibuprofen dosages, and went through tube after tube of numbing gel, but found little relief. Read more.

Lamaze for the Whole Family
My stress levels couldn't have been higher. The Navy had given us surprise orders, which meant we had to move two years earlier than we'd expected ... and we couldn't find a buyer for our house. It was tax time, and Great-Grandma was visiting with lots of advice about child-rearing, gardening, and cooking -- whether I wanted it or not. First on my list of chores was to close up the sofa bed where Great-Grandma had been sleeping the night before. As I hurriedly folded the sofa bed closed, Sabrina stuck her finger in the mechanism, and it got stuck in the hinge. Read more.

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Moms' Magic Remedies to Colds,
Cuts, and More

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