Family Pet Solutions

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Doggie Doorbells
Looks like they've got puppies in the paper today," my husband casually commented -- within earshot of our children -- as he turned to the classified section of the Sunday paper. It was dirty pool, to be sure, but after four years of this trick, I was impervious: No puppy and that was final. I had good reasons. Read more.

I hate to admit this, but we have rats in our house -- two large rodents that scurry about with hairless tails and beady eyes. Many people pour thousands of dollars into exterminators to make their homes rat-free, but not us. We roll out the welcome mat for rodents -- and not just any old welcome mat, either. Our beady-eyed friends live in a spacious cage outfitted with matching fleece sleeping tents and a colorful climbing tunnel. That's right, our rats are pets. Read more.

Double-Duty Dog
I'm faithful about walking Trapper (he'd eat the couch if I wasn't) but truly, his outings are shorter, slower, and much less varied than they were back in what he must think of as the good old stroller days. When the kids were smaller, it was easy to put whoever was home in the jogger and/or backpack carrier and walk the dog. I adore Trap, but I have to admit, now that the schedule's fuller, he sometimes becomes another chore on the to-do list. I was chatting about this with a dad I met at soccer when he revealed an amazing solution -- dog sharing. Read more.

Puppy Love
"Mom, we forgot about Willie!" Julia yells. We're in the midst of putting the final touches on some Valentine's Day cookies and Willie, our 15-year-old dog, is watching us and drooling. As someone who considers slice-and-bake cookies "homemade," I've never even contemplated the idea of baking anything for our dog. Read more.

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Family Pet Solutions

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